Dutch Word of the Day

Dutch investigators have released their final report into the case of Diederik Stapel, the social scientist and erstwhile faculty member at Tilburg University who fabricated data in 55 articles and book chapters…

…the Stapel mess spawned a Dutch neologism: “slodderwetenschap,” which means something like “sloppy science” and refers to ineffective peer review and a culture of science that allows fraud to go undetected for so long.

Via Retraction Watch, emphasis mine.  There is also a #slodderwetenschap hash tag.

This article about Sudhir Venkatesh (author of Gang Leader for a Day), among other things, makes me think we need a word like this in English.  “Slodderwetenschap” is a mouthful.

Andrew Gelmansees that article as a math problem, by the way.

Also this:

For those keeping score, that marks the fall from grace of three of The Netherlands’ top scientists in barely a year.